Freitag, 23. März 2012

Kawaii Things

Yeah i have all DVD from Angel Beats! 
oh my god, i love it so much 
Iwasawa-san is the best of all in this serie, she has the same haircut as me
 At the weekend i´ll watch me Vol.3 
im so happy о(ж>▽<)y ☆ 

my wonderful new "Tamaris" Shoes, in the last blog i say i have it in blue 
now i have blue, black and red (〃∇〃)
but its hard to walk in them.....i learn walk with them

On Thursday i have met my friends at "Sushi-Bar" (Mr. Okinawa) 
the last time i saw Bianca o(;△;)o im so sad.....
from her i have the cute things, you can see it left on the picture :3 kawaii
it was a beautiful day and we have been eating delicous

and this is a present from Mr. Okinawa, thanks to Maxi connections
 it tastes great yummyyummy

  •  drunk Yokebe
  • visit to the Doctor for my Nose and Allergy syringe
  • rabbit cage cleaned from top to bottom, for my sweet Bunnys 

Many love to my friends and i wish Bianca wonderful last days here in Germany and many fun  ヘ(・o・Ξ・o・)ヘ

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