Sonntag, 8. April 2012

~My Birthday~

On Friday 06.04.2012 
i had my "25" Birthday
i celebrated with my family, 
my mom had made me a delicous cake with cute Deco

 It all tasted delicous and it was very funny
thanks to Bianca she was so a funny Girl
it has brought everyone laugh  

My gifts from my family were chocolate from "Lindt", money, backpack, a plush bunny from "Steiff" and my wonderful Parfume "Loverdose (Diesel)"
we celebrated to 12 pm..... i was so tired......

On Saturday i drove with Günny, Mutsumi and Anna to Düsseldorf (with train), 
that meant getting up early.
We have make many Puris on this Day, i was so happy.
 We have bought a lot of things on the Shops and have eat Onigiri,
oh my god this is so good, i love it, i could eat every day Onigiri...

My Make-up
with Dolly Winks :3

 We went to eat in "NaNiWa", after we were done with shopping, we have to wait a bit, because it was so yummy, i have eat Gyousa and Miso Soup
the we have drink a coffe/tea in a other store
cute heart deco on my cofee  ♥

 we have really seen a lot on this day.
Günny have bought many things for his boyfriend,
he was the first time in Düsseldorf :3
i have met old friends from the past,
we have make many puris from us and myself, i was very pleased to

Unfortunately the Day went very quickly over..... 

On the way back we made some party with alcohol....muhaha...
we are the best
and we were almost not come home....
because we had delay of the train

 my gifts from my friends a coupon from Douglas from Günny
 now i can buy my new "Angel" parfume
from Mutsumi and Anna i had become the magazine "Ageha" from March, a wonderful BTSSB Bag and a Leo hair bow
then i was very tired
Good Night

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