Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

~Hanam Ludwigshafen~

Hello Cuties

After work I was met by my friends and Ande also came to me in the work. from there we went all went together to the hanami Saturdays.
 of course I only came on at 7.30pm 
 my friends knew that was not all, and found it funny to see.
then we stood still for a while outside, because we had alcohol here ... after After Work doing really well.
I was working, my outfit is not so great now. but I looked like a school girl, I think.

 We even see the tape run over next to us, unfortunately, now I know not the name, but looked interesting. I unfortunately missed the appearances.
 Anja and I have even helped in which we ran down the caution tape shortly, so that could go out. Was true sparkle to it that we are blond XD 

just a shame that I had lost my friends later because I wanted to just buy something and my other people have unfortunately not tell them ..... sorry for the misunderstanding Q_Q

later I was with Ikii, Maxi and Marvin have a drink, we have fun quilting adventure and it was a cool little round times, something I love. have shit on the false friends no time for that are the best friends that are always there for you.
 My tip: Sometimes, true friends, the rarely seen, but when you need them are there for you.

On Sunday
i of couse had a lot more time and was therefore better prepared 
  so I got up early to be ready in time. At 12:30 am I was there on the spot and met Ande, who was left alone.  
 Ande, Marvin and I went shopping on the bissel still Hanami and looked at many things, it has really fun. Later, we even met Nora.
  neon genesis evangelion i love it, Kathy and Misha looks so sweet <3 love u 

 We had a lot of fun, Marvin was the best part of the day. He has said so much that has verplüfft me and with his art, he brings to every laugh. i love ths pictur of us, we are the best *muhahaha* we looks so cute
Catrin and me, I like their horns
times we sat in the sun, sometimes in the shade and then later at a table in the sun and talked about god and the world. had a lot of fun and I made ​​another for my graduation outfit photo. I had almost forgotten.
Dress: MA*RS
Shoes: Yosuke
stockings: Tutu Anna
Jacket: H&M
Headpiece: MA*RS
Necklace: Jesus Diamante
Earring: MA*RS
Bracelet: 666, Monomania
Ring: Moi meme moitie, Monomania
- Sailor Moon
- Bunny *chu*
- Lelouch in Wonderland vol.1
- Queen´s Blade (Rebellion)
-Lala (To Love Ru)
- Azusa (K-On)
 Then we went out to eat and have entertained us over japan, Jasmine was curious how everything was.
 We had a lot of fun on the day. I'm sorry that we have so much spoken German, Ande has unfortunately not understood \(__ ) ハンセイ〜♪
Ikii was not as good it was due to lack sleep and of course the horrible easy in this restaurant, which is understandable since that one is pissed.

 A big thank you to
Teresa&Anja, Ikii&Marvin
for this wonderful days

Byebye my cuties  

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