Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012



recently I was
 with mutsumi and anna in cologne on a
concert from Közi
when I heard it, I was of course immediately going out I always wanted to see közi long time ago
im a big fan from Malice Mizer, i´ve seen mana and gackt,
not only közi, im so happy to see him 
i was so nervous....
here a pic from concert, me mumi and anna
im so happy,

it was to be really good times again been on a concertI had not been so long on a concert
thank you mumi and anna that you have taken me
it was a beautiful evening

here a pic with sadie, he had a cool style
im happy for handshake after the concert, I was so glad to see közi times live. I respectfully before his work, i have bought 2 CD´s and a DVD of Közi
i like the new songs,
but they have also made ​​me thoughtfulI think it took me just very moved

thank you so much for this wonderful concert of Közi
I hope that next time I can also again


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