Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Today~Nails and more

Tschibo and REAL

thanks to Yuki for the note :3 

2 switch holder, clothespins, sweet heart
 Bebe wash lotion, Astor eyelashes, rouge and make up pads
Wonderful new nails in Yellow 
im so happy 
Today I was out with my best friend GünnyHe told me about Animagic, apparently it was due to the weather not so great for him
after my nail date, then we were eating

ONIGIRI yeah, really tasty

Black Pearl
R3, 68161 Mannheim
 It was a beautiful day with Günny because we had not seen thank you

My Melody and Chibi Maruko chan

 I've watched it every morning before I went to school
how do you find it? oO

good night my cuties
Thank you for reading

here the link to my 

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