Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

~Luisenpark Mannheim with Ande~

Beginning of the week 
i saw a rainbow 
Ande, Mutsumi and me goes to Luisenpark in Mannheim,  It is a long time since I was there....but I thought it was a nice idea for Ande. we had beautiful weather with many sun
I've made ​​a lot of nice pictures, here you can see the best of it
so cute, thats the first if i saw
monkey and a mantis
can you see the tail XDDD its so cool 
"Twin" Ande and a bird with the same color, but you can not see on this pic ;_; the bird has a purple head
 this turtle has a pointy nose, its so cute
i like this fish, its crazy and so small.....
yeah butterfly.... a blue butterfly resented Mutsumi
 Show of american animals
so cute wild cat, i like cats *miau*


hihi its a skunk, but i like it, but stinks....XD 
My Outfit Today
I watch some stupid (face) sorry
here you can see my bows on head and my shoes
My Make-up
Ande said to me "when I come to Germany the next time you're make me to a gothic&lolita"
i made her make-up with false eyelashes and curls on her hair 
and gives her clothes and shoes
i find she looks so cute as gothic lolita
what do you think about it? oO
finally we goes to china house
Mutsumi drink tee and Ande and me drinks beer XDD~
 i bought this kitty, its so cute... Unfortunately I do not understand Chinese.....
and a luisenpark coin 
The day was so long... we walk so many and im so tired and we goes after to vienna to drink and meet other friends

I spent the whole day in a good mood
i hope you like my new blogentre and we see us the next time 

here the link to my 

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