Montag, 21. Februar 2011

The Last Week XD

Peace my wonderful friends 

thats my last pic with my wonderful blue bangs
i have momently red bangs (fringe) :3 

Thats my wonderful Tekka-Don 
i love it

i was eating with Maxi in a Sushi Bar
we hads lots of fun
Maxi filmed me </////< painful

Stuttgart 21 XD 
i find this Bear so cute 

in the City was so many peoples
for this Demo
damn it !!!
look at this pic  
Niji and me had to crush us 
of the other sites was the Sushi Bar 
sry... the Sushi was shit.....i had feta cheese in my sushi
but the shopping in the "Accessorize" was wonderful
thats a shop with England Design or so... ^^v
i have find wonderful sticker for my Mobile Phone

Me and Niji :3 on this pictur,
she is a cute person
thanks for the shiny day (^o~)/

Stuttgart and Esslingen was good, 
i could see my familie (aunt, grandma)
and my wonderful kitty names "Devil-chan" 
as baby was she a wild cat, 
but now is she a lovely kitty ♥♥♥
i have missed my friends here  

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