Samstag, 18. August 2012

~Suite Pretty Cure~Cosplay~

I cosplay "Cure Rhythm - Minamino Kanade" the right girl
my mother sews very well, even if she has not learned
im not so good, but i can very create paper pattern 
 so i help my mom 

it is not finished yet, but looks good or? oO 
and this is for my arm/hand....missing is the heart out 
 I have already wig, shoes and contact lenses (green)
its really hard for my mom, but she hesitates out more and makes himself then stress...that stressed me and we often have discussions
and the problem is, we have 2 weeks for ready to sew that... 
and a second cos Nagisa Aoi from Strawberry Panic
i love it, its my lovely anime <3 

I hope that we can do it all to Connichi

My Hair Today
my colleague say to me i look like a doll today 
thats make me happy

thanks for reading my blog

here my
it ends this month

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