Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

~New Clothes~

Hello Dear,

chu... i bought some new clothes I´m sooo happy about that.
last week i bought with my friend mutsumi in new yorker and h&m many things, so cute dresses, but i have not pics....sry....
this is my lovely pink pant, its so cute

I got my packet from makiko, i love this bag is so pink, but.... the quality is not so good, they should be worn by even broke...thats make me sad  Q_Q  
The pendant its a present by mutsumi from london <3 

and i have bought me fake gyaru shoes from china..... but i have size EU41 I can not be otherwise. is not good quality but my mom repair my bow on this shoes, i like it 


thats hat is from my gandma, my mom took it me from esslingen. i find its so good for summer day :3 and looks so cute, i want to make flowers on it

 today i have bought this on ZARA, o my god im so happy, i love it ^.^ 
and i have new shoes, looks crazy but so cool 
i hope you like it to


kawaii...., my new cosplay for connichi, today i have bought with my mom material, i hope i find a perfect wig and good shoes :3 i love this dress, its so cute
 my new shoe cabinet,  i want to decorate it, anyone has ideas? 

by Bianca from Japan <3 thank you so much
i love it, my love bonbons, and so many wonderful things 
*hug*  you are so lovely

im so tired...


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