Samstag, 23. April 2011

Shopping & Eastern

Ohayo Dears

long time not ask hear..... gomen nasai 
i have find a job as hairdresser and i work hard

im so happy for Eastern
i have a "Lindt Bunny" with White Chocolate :3 
and today have become a Bunny from a customer in the work 
thats so lovely

i have meet my friends Mutsumi and Maxi on Mannheim
and we have chilled on a place
with bear and food 
we have singing  XD old Anime Songs, we are so crazy 

My wonderful Heart Shoes

in my Size XP i have find it
im so happy about it 
i want more.......
thats LOVE 

i have become a present :3
from  Vendors
look..... flower Earrings in blue

and last Week have bought 
other Shoes from "Deichmann"
thats Rock

Mutsumi bough my other new Shoes in Pink Heart
from "Rakuten" 

i wish all my lovely friends a wonderful Eastern Time 
and many Chocolate Bunny

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